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GSI was founded in 2005 with a strong focus on product reliability and sustainability for food and non-food industries.

GSI is a leading global ingredients solutions company manufactured, and supplier of value-added Functional Ingredients, TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS, we offer an extensive range of natural food ingredients, functional food ingredients, specialty ingredients, ingredients through products, and consumer’s products like vegetable oils and fats, baking, beverages, snacks, meat processing, confectionery, dairy, bio-diesel, oleochemical, and personal care.

The cornerstone of our business is our profound knowledge of specialty ingredients which we tailored according to manufacturers and industries requirements, locally and abroad. GSI developed innovative specialty ingredients whereby our customers can count on us for a reliable supply of high quality and value-added ingredients, leveraging our ingredients expertise, solutions, and collective experience – together with our customers – we find ingredients solutions that work. GSI is committed to providing outstanding service by being receptive so that we can provide the best solutions for our customers at the same time ensuring the right quality with the right approach.

GSI innovation studio supports our value creation partner by providing product and application knowledge no matter where you are base.

your innovation our solution

Manufacturing plant in 4 countries


Joint venture companies in 6 countries


Business Partners Globally


Market to more than 40 countries globally


Employees Globally

our Mission
Our Mission

To provide innovative solutions using our creativity and insight to make our customers’ products sustainable in the global market

Product Performance
Our Vision

To be a value creation partner in global food supply chain

Strategic Intent

GSI’s strategic intent by 2025 is to be a value creation partner in the global food supply chain by differentiating, re-engineering, innovative, specialty ingredients by having great people with imagination, committed to being different & bringing revolutionary ideas and solutions of tomorrow to the world.

GSI Success Journey

GSI Success Journey

Core value of GSI


We act with integrity and show Respect


we anticipate change and shape it to fit our purposes

Continual Improvement

We are a learning organization and we improve by analyzing and reviewing our results

Positive Attitude
Positive Attitude

We have ‘can do’ attitude and drive to get the job done

Commitment to Excellence
Commitment to Excellence

We do what we promised to do with Excellence

Corporate Philosophy

corporate Philosophy

GSI Leadership

Great leaders adapt to their surrounding environments and empower the team to succeed together

Datuk Dr. Robert BaskerDoctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. Chemistry CEO & Technical Director

Datuk Dr. Robert Basker provides great leadership on all aspects of the company’s operation by emphasizing on mission and vision

Datin Shelah Basker, CFO & Managing Director

Datin Shelah Basker who’s known for high degree of ability in planning, implementing, managing and running all aspects of a company

Robert Smanantha

GSI Group of Companies

Agile Formers
3P GSI Ingredients
Global Solusi Ingredia
Snap Packing
Ceramic Compound