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Our Products
Functional Food Ingredients, Processing Aids and Absorbents
GSI represents well known specialty ingredient producers from Japan and USA to dominate the food ingredients industry. The functional food ingredient product capable to meet most stringent quality requirement in various food industries.

Ingredients coupled with special functionalities to retard crystal formation in cooking oil, together absorbents are used in vegetable oil refinery. Biodiesel and Oleo- chemical for further reduction of acidic value and colour, avoids foaming.
Our functional food ingredient ideally used as an anti-static flow agent, anti-caking agent, supports catalyst, carriers, and reinforcing fillers. Also works as an anti-foaming, clouding agent, anti-clouding or anti-crystallization agent and as absorbents in biodiesel, solvent, beer, wine, fruits, vegetables based beverage industry and many more.
Ingredients List
Natural flavoring and anti-clouding/ anti-crystallization agent, HIFED, MF18, crystal promoter – GLO 60, anti-foaming agent, silicone based de-foaming compound, D-SOL D60, dalsorb 3000M, D-SOL 300R, MAGNESOL R60, HAZEOUT ®  and etc
functional food ingredients
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