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Turnkey Projects

GSI is competent to provide, undertake, project or system program pertaining to oil and fats, frying industry, oleo-chemical, baking, chocolate making and confectionaries.

We specialize in providing a comprehensive selection of services from the know-hows to plant process upgrading.

Our technical team consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals who have undertaken many projects successfully, both in the local market and international, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Thailand, thus allowing us to offer turnkey project services. 

GSI is dedicated to excellence in every apect of our business, these includes:

A full process development of refining, hydrogenation, esterification, shortening, margarine, fractionation plant and oil and fat related plants

Frying oil industry and oleo-chemical industry related purification project and filtration service

Project engineering services carrying all phases of project management

At GSI you can be assured you're getting world class service, if you're GSI's client.

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