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Our Solutions

Through our products we have enabled many food manufacturers in reaching new levels of excellence in the food industry.

Through your innovation, GSI provides solution in:

Improving frying oil mileage through carefully selected quality antioxidant and benchmarked manufacturing practices

Improving confectionary product quality through our in-house expertsí insight of mass production

Increasing shelf life and texture of your baked goods by binding emulsifiers with short intervals which in turn keeps it softer and fresher for a longer period of time

Developing dairy-based beverages by effectively stabilizing protein

Building better beverages through efficient thickening as dry mixes are added to water

Creating reduced fat in fried food through film formation

Producing vegetarian patties for burgers with a look alike "meat" texture

Formulating pie filling that also leaves the crust irresistible and  flaky

Improving the flavour through flavour matching and longer heat resistance

Enhancing nutritional value to the finished product through the combination of vitamins​

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