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We Care - Community Projects

GSI has been appreciated over the recent months for their social responsibility causes. GSI as a local and International Corporation is focused on ‘social conscious’ initiatives.

Deepavali Provision Handout by GSI
Deepavali Provision Handout
GSI is Official Sponsor for the monthly ‘Soup Kitchen’ – feeding of the poor

Another initiative known as the ‘Soup Kitchen’ brings a person closer to home. A pledge to feed the children and a class often overlooked by the society, the single mothers. Every month, 200 children and 100 single mothers are fed through this approach. This feeding is held in a chapel in Kuala Lumpur, operated by a Christian community.

Though initially it was a small number of people seeking to be fed, GSI has seen the amount grow among the group and feels contented that they are able to address a basic need of a human.

Education Aid
GSI has also provided educational assistance to needy students.
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