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Corporate Philosophy

Our core products and services attributes are formed to build customers' trust through strategic thinking and delivering innovative solutions.

Employee Satisfaction
GSI conducts annual Employees Engagement Survey  to look into employees well-being, satisfaction and motivation.

GSI shares results from the survey with employees together with a follow up action plan to enhance and sustain employees satisfaction. 

Performance and Development Plan (PDP)
PDP is a tool to assist employees in measuring their strength in contributing to the success of the company. Employees can also assess skills needed to perform their day-to-day task and future growth through the Skill Development Plan:

Strategic planning mapping /process

Short/Long term action plan development

Behavioural /KRAs

Training evaluation and effectiveness

Implement training

Assess employee capabilities

Implement action plan 

Strategic Focus
GSI believes open dialogue and knowledge shared across all borders enables growth individually and corporately, which in turn enhances our relationship by placing emphasis on mutual respect for each other.

Customer Focus
We work synchronously with our customers and strive to understand their needs accurately. As we place excellence as our benchmark, our customers will never need to feel shortchanged.

We impose special emphasis on development of new products, customer services and customers feedback. GSI practices customer focused culture therefore  can be counted on for its promptness, responsiveness, query management and technical support.

Global Network
GSI has partners around the globe and continues to seek new alliances that can offer innovative products and solutions.  By working cohesively, we will consistently bring only the best to our customers.

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